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İstanbul / Kartal / Sahil

All homes in DKY Sahil include a spacious and functional balcony facing the sea view. When the sliding glass windows are open you’ll have a gorgeous balcony, and when they’re closed you’ll have more living space. That is why the homes of DKY Sahil are called +1.5. The 2+1.5 and 3+1.5 homes provide you with more space to live.

Located on the coast of Kartal, at the first parcel to the Sea of Marmara, DKY Sahil mesmerizes with its unobstructed views of the Princes’ Islands. Every unit in the project promises a serene home life with this dazzling panoramic view.

DKY Sahil is coming to life on the Coastal Road, famous for its large green parks, flower gardens, biking and walking paths, jogging trails, playgrounds and dining venues. Stretching from Kadiköy to Tuzla, the 12 km long Coastal Road is among the most desirable locations in Istanbul.



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