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Muğla / Bodrum / Gümüşlük
Many of the villas have stunning views of the sea.
Gumusluk is a quiet seaside village, located on the west side of the Bodrum peninsula, in a picturesque bay, 37 kilometers from the center of the city of Bodrum itself.

Gumusluk is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. It stands on the site of the city of Myndos, which belonged to Caria, an ancient state. It is to Mindos, that Brutus and Cassius ran after Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC.

Today anyone can touch the historical heritage of Gumushluk. In the sea, to the north and west from the village, the sites of the waterfront harbor, which went under water, with fragments of port walls, are extant. This attracts snorkelers and scuba diving enthusiasts. Also, there are interesting ruins on Rabbit Island, located at the entrance to the bay. This island offers a magical view of the beach near Gumushluk. And this beach hosts more than a dozen fish restaurants that are popular with tourists from around the world.

Gumusluk are represented mainly by villas, both freestanding and parts of complexes.



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