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Cheekbones/ Malar Augmentation


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Cheekbone plasty (malarplasty) is a surgical intervention aimed at correcting the contours of the face. This plastic surgery allows you to get rid of excessive roundness, as a result of which the face acquires a more expressive and refined shape.

To achieve the ideal face shape, it is necessary to choose the optimal ratio of the zygomatic (malar zone) and buccal region.

The zygomatic zones are formed using implants of various shapes and sizes. And also with the help of minimally invasive interventions: lipofilling (injections of one’s own fatty tissues transferred from other areas of the body) or using fillers (administering special chemicals to the zygomatic region). And in the case of the presence of excess fatty tissues (Bish’s lumps), they are removed surgically.


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