COS'y Life




Otto Kağithane presents the life your loved ones have always dreamed of, and it is
an excellent address for a unique investment with its incredible location, great
architecture and exclusive offers…

• TEM and D-100 Highway Connections
• Kâğıthane Subway Station
• Tram Line
• Ayazağa Monorail
• Easy Access to the Bridges
• Access to the Big İstanbul Tunnel
• 5 min. to Maslak
• 9 min. to Levent

• 10 min. to Mecidiyeköy
• 15 min. to Taksim
• 15 min. to Beşiktaş
• 4 Stops to Istanbul Airport

*Travel times may change due to traffic.

project end date 31.12.2022



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