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Complete Check-up


Do not miss this opportunity for a full-fledged personalized health screening.



Individuals undergo a general and comprehensive health check-up about their health status. After the general controls performed with different medical tools, individuals have comprehensive information about their health status. Check Up is applied to people who do not have any complaints or discomfort, and after these checks, it is learned whether they are prone to any health issues. If there is such a predisposition, records are taken about this situation and the necessary program is prepared for the correct timing for the treatment process. Individuals with a predisposition to certain diseases should get checkups at frequent intervals. While it is recommended to have a check up, check -up at longer intervals is recommended for individuals who do not have any risk factors. It is considered appropriate for them to have their up checks done.

Getting check ups has many importance for individuals. The first of these is to provide the opportunity to follow the formation and development of hereditary diseases . It also records body functions and enables early measures to be taken regarding cardiovascular diseases. Also with diseases where early diagnosis is very important, such as cancer, check ups are vital.


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