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Pavel Beloborodov Saç Ekim Hizmeti

Hair Transplant

Meeting Point:

Istanbul Airport
Tayakadın, Terminal Cad No:1, 34283
Arnavutköy / İstanbul

Transfer Process


After passport control follow the pointers to get your luggage. After this follow the pointers to EXIT from the door number 13.

There you should find the sign with 3E on it.

This person will escort you to the transfer vehicle.


Grand Cevahir Hotel

H. Edip Adıvar Mahallesi, Darülaceze Cd. No:5 D:No:5, 34382 Şişli/İstanbul

Accommodation Process


The transfer will take you to a pre-booked hotel.

After check-in you will be settled in a comfortable room.

Hotel Introduction


Before Operation

Things to do

The day of your surgery one of our translators will come to  your hotel to escort you to the hospital where the operation will be performed.

First step after you arrive to the hospital will be the signing of the contract. Afterwards we move on to the consultation part. During consultation we will decide on your new hairline and discuss the process. Here you can ask all your questions!

Furthermore, you will move on to the operation room where we will perform some blood tests.

After completing the blood test you will be taken to another room where your hair will be shaved.

From that point on you are ready for the operation!


Your operation will start with the administration of local anesthesia.

When administered anesthesia goes into effect your nape area will be completely numb and pain free!

Our team of nurses then will move on to the extraction of hair grafts.

This part of the operation on average takes about 2 hours.

After extracting the amount of grafts decided during the consultation, our doctor will come to your operation room.

At this point and making sure everything is well, doctor will start administering local anesthesia once again but this time for your recipient area.

After this step, our doctor will begin the process of opening channels(slits) in your recipient area.

This is the most crucial part of the operation and it must be done only by experts and medical doctors.

When our doctor completes opening channels, team of nurses return to the operation room to continue the operation.

With the guidance of our doctor, team starts implementing the grafts one by one to the recipient area.

As a result of and final step team puts on bandages, help you put on your clothes and you are done!

Your translator will be waiting outside of the operation room to explain all the details of do and don’ts about post operation care.

You will be then escorted back to your hotel with the translator.

Follow Up

Here are some of the potential negative effects which we can expect after hair transplant operation:
Swelling after hair transplant
Burning sensation
Swelling in the face and around the eyes
Other potential side effects: After hair transplant, there may be bleeding, infection, inflammation and other potential negative effects.

Timeline of Healing process after hair transplant operation

Day 1: In the hospital nurse will remove your bandage and wash your head. 

Day 2: You will start to wash your hair the same way our nurse explained and continue to do daily until day 10. 

Day 5 -7: At this period you should avoid scratching your head since scabs are forming.

Day 10: You will remove the scabs that formed, during your wash massage the transplanted area to gently remove scabs.

Day 15-30: Will start ”Shock hair loss” process, no need to worry

Months 1-6: After 3 month your hairs will begin to grow and at period of 6 month you will start to see some of result.

Months 6-12: Transplanted hairs will continue to grow and become thicker.

Months 12-18: At this period of time you will see the final result.


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