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Work Permit

When you think about moving into a foreign country, there are always a lot of questions about housing, documents, finance, job hunting, language, and education. How to get a worthy job in Turkey? COSy Life Consulting answered all the popular questions in this article.

We should admit that there are some jobs in Turkey which kept only for citizens: security, pharmacist, dentist, vet, nurse, obstetrician, lawyer, prosecutor, judge, notary, customs, optician, the head of commercial hospital or tour agency.

You better start the job hunt in Turkey remotely. So when your candidacy is approved, an employer is able to send you an invitation and start the working visa process.

A work permit is done by the employer. The candidate should find a job and make an employment contract, get a work permit in the Turkish consulate in Russia. And only then move into Turkey.

A foreign citizen can get a work visa and a work permit, which can be done in Turkey. There are also different types of work permits: for a certain period of time, continuous action, and permission for self-employment.

To make an application for a work visa you should get permission from the Department of Labor, when registering on the website of the Turkish embassy, fill the form and get a rendezvous date and time in Consulate.  You have to bring the following list of docs to the Consulate:

  • printed application form from the website
  • docs pictures
  • employer contract
  • translated and notary approved degree
  • your passport and its copy
  • invitation from a company
  • certificate of the organization with its type of business indication

Usually, a work visa gets done in about 2-4 months, then a work permit gets done by 1-1,5 months.

All the paperwork must look exhausting and unclear, but the good news — is you have COSy Life Consulting! We can help you with solving all the problems you have and dealing with the documents, so you could stay focused on much more pleasant things in life.


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