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Property Investment

Turkey is the charming country known not only by its perfect beaches and all inclusive hotels. In the last few years Turkey became popular among investors because of its fast growing economy. Investments in Turkey economy, as of the January, 1st 2022, are totalled over $240 billion. Investment in property in Turkey is the most attractive and robust option. Due to its attractive investment climate, low taxes and benefits for the investors, huge inner market, strong bank system, excellent development of tourism — international investors are really interested in Turkey. Investments in property in Turkey are much more beneficial, even if we compare them to investments in Portugal, Great Britain, France, Greece, etc. because of the simple investment process.

Turkish property market is a fast growing market, so as the prices. In the previous year prices for the property in Turkey have grown up for 80%. By purchasing property in Turkey in 2022 you can count on 3-15% rate of return yearly, depending on the household style and other metrics. Resale income can be 200% per annum. Commercial and residential real estate properties are both suitable for the investment. Fill the form bellow so we could contact you and decide on the property type, choose the real estate suitable for your investment goals. We will be happy to consult you on the question of investment, purchasing property and immigration in Turkey.

Also we recommend you to follow curtain rules which can be helpful when you are entering the investment market in Turkey:

thoroughly analyse the market, choose the trustworthy agents and partners on the market, pay attention to the investment in big cities and resorts, choose property accordingly to your goals and opportunities.

Or just contact Cos’y Life Consulting. You are going to know everything about purchasing property in Turkey on the first consultation with our agents, then in a few days you will be able to see real estate options, meeting your requirements.


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