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Medical Insurance

We all could agree on the point that health is the most important thing in life. When moving abroad it is extremely important to be sure that your health and the health of your family members will be looked after.

The health care system in Turkey is quite strong and developing fast. Private and state hospitals hire qualified doctors and staff, the quality of medicine match European standards, and clinics use the newest technologies and innovations in treatment. All you have to do to be sure that your health is protected is to do medical insurance.

And COSy Life can help you with that!

We have more than 10 years of experience in health care sector in Turkey, know everything about the Turkish healthcare system, and are ready to provide you services of the best hospitals and doctors at an affordable price.

But the first step should be making medical insurance.

Health insurance for foreigners in Turkey is usually done for 1 year when it can be extended for 2 more years. Every foreign citizen aged 18-65 who wants to obtain a citizenship or residency permit in Turkey has to do medical insurance. Kids under 18 and people older than 65 years do not need to do health insurance in Turkey.

Health insurance in Turkey covers 40-60% of outpatient treatment and 40-100% of inpatient treatment in clinics, which have such an agreement with the insurance company. Dental services usually are not covered by the medical insurance of local insurance companies.

The main purpose of medical insurance is to cover emergency medical care. The cost of such insurance is usually about 150 — 1000 TL and it covers expenses up to 2000 TL. 

The one and only insurance type which covers all the expanses is state medical insurance from Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu (SGK). In the state hospitals, it covers 100% of the expenses and in private hospitals, it might cover from 40% to 80% of expenses. Also, SGK insurance covers 80% of the expenses for the medicine. Even if this insurance is under your name, it can be used by your closest family members as parents, underaged children, and spouses. The cost of the SGK insurance is 850 TL monthly. In case of non-payment, the insurance validity will be put on hold.

COSy Life is ready to provide you with help with getting appropriate medical insurance for your needs. We cooperate with the most trustworthy insurance companies in Turkey and know all about medical care in the country.

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