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Legal Services

The team of the experienced lawyers of COSy Life is always ready to help you in solving all the law issues. We offer legal consulting services, direct assistance and law support.

  • obtaining a residency permit and all types of visas 
  • obtaining a citizenship due to buying a property, investments, marriage, business
  • law support of the business operations
  • relocation and registration of a company
  • carrying out transactions with the Turkish and foreign partners
  • employment of non-resident workers
  • paperwork for the government
  • safety check of the contractors

We provide the verbal and written law consultations on all the questions you might have on the immigration, life in Turkey, obtaining permits, starting a company, business support. We are ready to provide you a qualified experienced attorney to represent you in government officials, court, public organisations and legal assistance  in case you need a full-scale comprehensive legal support of lawyers of various specialisations.

By seeking legal assistance in COSy Life you can be absolutely sure that you will be represented by the qualified specialist with the long-term experience.


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