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Getting Citizenship

The process of purchasing a property in a foreign country can be provided by lots of questions and troubles, comparing to the same process in your homeland country. It is ok to be scared. How can I stay safe during the process of getting a property? How to choose the right real estate item for the investment? How the purchase process goes? We answered all the questions you might have bellow. Firstly, you should set a goal and choose a type of the property you want to buy. Then analyse the market and players, so you could pick the right one real estate agency for yourself. Cos’y Life Consulting is ready to take the responsibility and become your guide in the Turkish world of real estate, investments and immigration.

There are some other ways to get a Turkish citizenship besides investment in property:

Investments in fixed assets starting with 500.000 USD Opening a deposit bank account in any Turkish bank starting with 500.000 USD Purchasing state bonds starting with 500.000 USD Investment in venture investment fund starting with 500.000 USD Although getting Turkish citizenship is not that hard, there are rules you have to observe. Firstly, it is forbidden to sell your property in the next three years. Official valuation is done by the government and the cost should be not less than 400.000 USD. In case of purchasing real estate with mortgage, a cost of the mortgage will be subtracted from the cost, pointed in the Official valuation PAPER.

At the expiration of three years you can sell the property and it will not affect your citizenship. Also it is not necessary to live or stay on the territory of Turkey all the time or a certain period of time after obtaining a citizenship. To know more about the ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship and investment in property get a consultation with managers of Cos’y Life Consulting Fill the feedback form to get a message of our manager and schedule a consultation or contact us directly with the following phone numbers.


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