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Entering The University

Now getting a university degree in Turkey is not only about popularity, but also prestige. Turkey is included in EHEA (European Higher Education Area) system and the degree of any Turkish university is accepted in every European country. Moreover, about 17 of all the Turkish universities were listed in the best world universities lists.

In Turkish universities you can study in both: English and Turkish and it makes the educational process for foreigners easier. Although all the foreigners have to spend a year studying Turkish, pass the international PTE exam, and get a certificate to study in English.

The academic year in Turkey starts in September and finishes in June. Some universities have their own differences in the organization of the education process and summer schools.

What should I do to enter a university in Turkey?

You should finish high school (11 or 12 years), get your school certificate, pass Basic Learning Skills Test and Turkish Language Proficiency Test exams and make an application to a chosen university. To know more about all the papers you might need, visit the website of the university you have chosen.

You can make an application online, but if you are approved for an interview, you will have a rendezvous in person. It is quite an easy procedure in your native language. You should convince university representatives of your wish to study at this certain university and your responsible attitude.

There are two types of scholarships in Turkey. It is a Prime Minister Scholarship (Basbakanlik Bursu), which is about 150 USD per month. It is given to the students for their academic achievements. Ozel Burusu is a scholarship from private companies. Sometimes such scholarships should be worked off after graduation.

You can get an education credit in Turkey. Ogrenim Kredisi is a credit covering education expenses. There is also one credit type that covers related expenses like purchasing student books, chancellery, living, etc. Usually, students should cover the credits two years after graduation.


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