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Turkey, surrounded by four warm seas and provides flawless service and thousand of opportunities is attractive not only for the tourists who have a weakness for all-inclusive vocations, but it is also popular among the investors. Compared to other countries it is quite easy to get Turkish citizenship.

The most popular way to get citizenship in Turkey Republic is through investments in the Turkish economy. Today Turkey offers the following options

  • Investments in property starting with 400.000 USD
  • Investments in fixed assets starting with 500.000 USD
  • Opening a deposit bank account in any Turkish bank starting with 500.000 USD
  • Purchasing state bonds starting with 500.000 USD
  • Investment in venture investment fund starting with 500.000 USD

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is not limited by the time and does not require the rejection of your previous citizenship. Also, it spreads to the family members like your spouse, kids under 18, and all the children born after you obtained citizenship.

Besides investments, you can get Turkish citizenship by marriage to a Turkish citizen and living together for at least 4 years. Also if you bought a property under 400.000  USD and live in Turkey for more than 5 years.

Running a business in Turkey with seed capital starting with 500.000 USD and creating at least 50 workplaces for Turkish citizens also can get you Turkish citizenship.

If you are thinking about obtaining Turkish citizenship, fill out the form or contact us directly to get a consultation. Our managers will gladly answer all of your questions due to immigration, real estate, or citizenship.


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