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Bringing your car to Turkey

Although we used to think about cars as about just a vehicle, in terms of Turkish law car is still a kind of luxury. You can bring your car with a foreign license plate to Turkey for a two years period of time. You need a simple set of car papers to bring your car to Turkey, including an insurance and a valid warrent of fitness. After the expiration of two years you will have to transport your car outside the country for at least 6 months.

Bringing your pet to Turkey

Brining your pets to Turkey is actually quite an easy process. You can bring your cat, dog, bird or up to 10 aquarium fishes here, if your pet had all of the required documents and vaccines. Your pet must: be microchipped be vaccinated from rabies be blood tasted to be sure on the efficacy of the rabies vaccine have a passport or a paper from your vet to ensure that an animal is 3 months older To know more about the papers you should have to bring your pet to Turkey, visit the website or call the air company. Depending on the weight and dimensions of your pet, air company can let you fly with your pet in the cabin or you will have to check it in a luggage compartment. If your pet is small enough to travel with you in the cabin of aircraft you can go through the customs with it. In case your pet is travelling in a luggage compartment you should meet it at the cargo customs office. It will require extra time and some extra finance. Probably you will have to pay some customs fees for brining your pet to Turkey, so be sure you have cash to pay the fees, better — in Turkish lira.


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