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Accountant Service

Searching for a qualified accountant for your business in Turkey might look quite difficult.  But things are looking up!

The trustworthy partners of COSy Life know for sure what kind of accountant you need and are ready to help you with finding an experienced and loyal employee who is going to do the accounts, keep the reports, declarations, taxes, and fees under the control, give all the information on benefits for your business, do the staffing, salaries calculation, drawing up for advance leave and do the reports.

Our partners are time-tested and do know their job. They are always updating their skills and following all the changes in law and taxes, supportive measures, industry-specific to help you with advice or service such as reducing taxes, doing the reports, and getting benefits.

Among all the accountant services of COSy Life you also can find:

  • selection of the optimal tax system
  • responsibility for communications with the tax service and the governmental agencies
  • paperwork for you and your managers
  • record-keeping
  • keeping the records, accounts, agreements, taxes, and fees under control

Get the consultation of the COSy Life managers so we could offer you the most suitable services and experienced qualified accountants.


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