COS'y Life


As Cosy Life Consulting, we opened our doors in 2008 and began offering our services. Through a solution-based service approach, we have provided and continue to provide professional assistance services to all of our clients in need of assistance. Although we maintain the highest level of satisfaction for each and every group of clients in real and legal person status, we have not allowed any complaints thanks to the measures we have taken for potential problems.

We continue our existence as Cosy Life Consulting in various fields with our wide range of services, especially medical tourism, travel, marine, ambulance, roadside assistance, consultancy and tourist health services. Thanks to the breadth of our service network and our professional solution partners, we have maximized quality and trust.

With the documents and certificates we have in the programmes that increase reliability, such as quality and service management, we increase our brand value and greet our guests who need assistance with a smiling face. We underline our commitment to reliability by obtaining the necessary permits and documentation for our services from national and international institutions.

We work with a team of experts who are trained, experienced and professional in their field to solve emergencies in a pragmatic way. Although we are open to innovation, we work with an eye to the future thanks to innovative methods. In this way, we equip our clients to face the future and solve the current situation.

As Cosy Lİfe Consulting, we continue to provide professional, reliable, accessible and quality assistance services.


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